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SEO Campaigns And What Not To Do

Rabu, 24 Desember 2008

Given the ratio of the internet, and given the fact that so many people in the business world use it to further their goals and ambitions, it is shocking how so many people still have issues with using the internet appropriately. Search engine optimization is one powerful tool that many people use when they are looking to increase the level of relevant traffic to their website, but remember, that like any tool, its efficiency depends on the employer. Take a look at a few of the reasons why so many SEO campaigns falter and fall, and often are unable to rise again.

Bad keywords are one of the first culprits. Look at the text on your website and really think about whether it reflects your company. Will the people who are searching for your services know to use those terms? Bad keywords can work in two different directions. Firstly the keywords are too specific. They are only understood by other professionals in your field, and someone who isn't aware of the ins and outs of your business would never think to search for them. Over-generalization is similarly a concern. With keywords that are too generic, you will simply bring irrelevant people to your site who have no actual interest in what you have to offer.

SEO also means that you have to take into account the format of your page. Are things placed in a logical way that will draw people? Have you made sure that your page has enough content to draw people to it? Part of good page optimization is ensuring that your website has a good place when it comes to link building. The more people who link to you without you offering a reciprocal link, the better your rating goes. Link building is one aspect that the Google search engine uses to push you towards the top of your search page, so make sure that you don't ignore it when you are thinking about optimization and content.

Some companies who try to avoid these mistakes contract with SEO consultants, but even there they might find that they are working with someone who uses illegitimate means to bulk up your numbers. Some warning signs include multiple names, the ownership of shadow domains and a guarantee of rankings through obscure keyword phrases that you would have gotten anyway. Beware of companies that give you a strange feeling or refuse to explain how your website would be getting the hits. Although there are many of them, the concepts relating to SEO are fairly straightforward, so if you catch someone being secretive, make sure you find out why.

When you are looking to conduct an SEO campaign, unless you are a specialist in the field yourself, you should consider consulting with a professional. A professional who cares about his or her work and is dedicated to making your site a success can easily save you from the blunders that could cost you in time, resources and money which is important to any business.

by: Derek Rogers

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